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3et Sportsbook

3et Sportsbook has recently entered the market by offering a one-stop solution for betting software. They offer secure, free, and licensed access to the world’s most liquid betting markets to all bettors and agents. 3et guarantees all accepted bets, and all settlements are handled through 3et. There are no voids, as you might find with other providers. The platform has the highest limits and the best average odds of any sportsbook available.

Their slogan is “built for bettors”. This translates to unrestricted access to the events and markets available, extremely competitive odds, and no commissions charged.

Handicap, Over / Under, and 1X2 markets

3et is a newcomer, and the number of markets will grow over time. The odds offered for the available markets, on the other hand, are quite high. 3et bets can be placed prior to the start of an event or while the game is being played.

Football, American Football, NBA Basketball, and Ice Hockey are the four most popular sports on 3et bets. In terms of football, there are hundreds of events available for 45 countries and leagues, as well as events per continent. Sports in the United States are limited to events held in the United States and Canada.

Why do I need to use Asianodds88 to Bet on 3et?

The minimum stake required to place a bet on 3et via Asianodds88 is 30 EUR, and the maximum per bet is displayed on the bet slip. Given that 3et has limited offers, betting through Asianodds88 allows bettors to take advantage of 3et best odds when available and automatically see other sharp bookmakers’ offers when 3et odds are not available.

3et accounts have a minimum start-up requirement. You can skip this if you bet on 3et through Asianodds88. We’ll take care of it for you! Sign up for an Asianodds88 account now and bet on 3et and other sharp bookmakers!

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